Fichero de revistas : comentarios de artículos de revistas

Revista, Oriente - Occidente (1990) Fichero de revistas : comentarios de artículos de revistas. Oriente - Occidente, 9 (1-2). pp. 127-131. ISSN 0325-8823

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Robert C. Marxhall, Mosees, Oedipus. Estucturalism and history. – Michael Graulich, Double immolations in Ancient Mexican Sacrifical. – Richard H. Davis, cremation and Liberation: the Revisions of a Hindu Ritual. – Gregory D. Alles, Surface, Space an Intention: The Parthenon and Kadariya Mahadeva. – Eva K. Dargyay, Buddhism in Adaptation Ancestor Gods and their Tantric Counterparts in the Religion Life of Zanskar. – Ariel Glucklich, The Roral Scepter (Danda) as Legal Punishment and Sacred Symbol. – Matthew Kapstein, The purificatory Gem and the Cleansing: A late Tibetan Polemical Discusion of Apocryphal Texts. – S. Odin, Abe Masao and the Kyoto School on Christian Kenosis and buddist sunyata. – Shin Yong Ha, The Revolutionary Movement of the Tonghak Peasant Army of 1894: seen vis a vis the French Revolution. – Songdan Sunnin, What is Karma? – Lewis Lancaster, Maitreya en Korea.

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